Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Doodle a Day: 8/10/2013

Today's doodle turned out to be a bust, so as it was a Kiwiana topic (a future coat of arms for a spacefaring Aotearoa), I dug into the old Dream Diary for something similarly -themed, and came up with this:

Dated 1 October 2010, and 'found' in a Auckland law firm display case with all the descriptions above included. Seemingly they were not only buttons but also legal tender because we were truly fancy back in the day. 'Maori Showband gigs'? I dunno - presumably throwing hard cash at the acts was a big thing then, according to my subconscious. Also, the glitzy, kitschy Seventies specimen was quite rare and is now highly collectable, so look around the house and see if you have one or two still!

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