Thursday, October 24, 2013

Doodle a Day: 24/10/2013

Another quick one, today. This is a straightforward pen piece worked from an earlier pencil sketch. How early? Well, I first drew it in 2005, and found it today in a notebook.

This is a view out of a hospital room window, looking out onto the roof of what was the Middle School in Oamaru, a school which my Mum attended as a girl, but which was for many years of my life employed variously as a band hall, clubrooms and costume wardrobe space, before finally being restored and re-purposed as part of the new Oamaru Hospital. I drew it while visiting that Labour Weekend, sitting idly at a bedside, because my mind was wandering but I didn't want to be anywhere else, especially. I remember at the time feeling a little guilty that I'd taken my attention away from the person sleeping in that room, but at the same time I knew I wanted something to look back at and remind me of that time in times to come; so here it is.

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