Friday, October 4, 2013

Doodle a Day: 4/10/2013

Day Four, and I suspect I've been straying a little over the fifteen minute time allowance for my early doodling. I'll be honest, not all of my doodles arrive fully-formed; most are doodled in pencil then inked and the pencil lines erased, and that changes the picture. But I don't fix anything in Photoshop - that's definitely against the rules, and in the end Photoshop is used as I said it would be - for optimising the picture for web use, and for colouring it in if I want. But nothing complicated - frankly, complicated colouring-in is waaaay beyond my Photoshop skills!

Anyway, that said, I thought I'd try something simpler today and stick to my time limit. When an earlier idea simply didn't pan out, I decided to adopt a new rule: if an earlier idea doesn't pan out, start a BRAND NEW ONE. And here it is - based on a single word jotted in one of my doodling pads: the Ectopanzer!

I should also stress that, unlike the various buses of Wellington's CBD I have no handy tank around to draw from, so it's a tank from my imagination - don't go checking to see if it's an actual Panzer 'kay?

(Jeez, I don't think I've even drawn a tank in thirty years...)

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