Thursday, October 17, 2013

Doodle a Day: 17/10/2013

Wow. Ten minutes to draw, ninety minutes to do a cursory block fill on Photoshop. I am so tired...

A Brit-Cit Judge, today. Based mostly on the original design by Brendan McCarthy for the Judge Dredd story 'Atlantis', and I really think it's McCarthy's looser design aesthetic that saves the uniform. To me, McCarthy is a second-generation heir to Mike McMahon in his subtle but iconic reinvention of the Judge costume. There's something endearing about the taller busby-like helmet, the grim lion face and the colour play (later versions of the judges from future Great Britain have them in a colour scheme closer to the green, yellow and black of Mega City One. Boo) that McCarthy brings in, that just doesn't carry through to later versions by other artists. Of course for this to be a true McCarthy rip-off there should be a quirky (and still unexplained) star on Judge Lord's chin. Just because, it seems. But ehh, nah. Plus, by going for a poster art, thick edge style here I can fudge it and claim I'm also referencing the work of Jack Kirby devotee Shaky Kane. Yes, that's it, I'm referencing Shaky Kane. And now I'm off to bed.

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