Monday, October 7, 2013

Doodle a Day: 7/10/2013

Sticking with the monochrome today and what do you know? Also my time limit! Reasonably happy with this one - at least the hands are okay, though the foreshortening...

Anyway, if you're in the other hemisphere then today is still the 6th of October, Olivia 'Anderson' Thirlby's birthday. Happy birthday, Ms Thirlby!

I recently rewatched Dredd for the first time since its cinema release a fortnight ago, and I still really enjoyed it. Most of all, despite Karl Urban being absolutely the best casting in it, I really enjoyed Anderson's role as the viewpoint in the story once more. Smart, smart move, and Thirlby handles the character well. There's a trace of the future cocky self that Anderson in the strips displays in her first stories,but overall there's more of the self-doubt and emotionally-based questioning of the machine in which she's a reluctant cog  that came to define her in her mid-era stories. Dredd's a linear character for the movie, really, but if a sequel never comes to pass then I'll be sorry that the working relationship it promised between Old Stony face and his rookie never gets its pay-off. In her opening scene when Anderson gets a glimpse inside Dredd's mind there's a real seed of potential there for future characterisation that I'd really like to see.

Also, it occurs to me that amid the talk I'm reading these days about Marvel vs DC/Warners movies and the lack so far of a female-led superhero movie, that it would be so cool if DNA Films and Lionsgate beat both studios to deliver a one-shot movie about a strong female 'superhero' that isn't defined by her bodyforming lycra or pneumatic chest, but by her fitting more of a Ripley mould; a postfeminist heroine just doing her job damned well, with an engaging and sympathetic humanity to boot. Hell, pit her and her psychic abilities against her oldest enemy Judge Death (save his cronies for later) and then we can have a Dredd sequel without his version of Mega City One going all jarringly Ghostbusters.

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