Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Doodle a Day: 29/10/2013

A late post tonight as I just went and saw Gravity. Wheee! What a movie! Anyway...

Halloween is almost upon us, so time for some spookier doodles. So far I've done the ghost of a werewolf, and then more recently a werewolf... so just to shake things up, here's a ghost!

A Japanese ghost, according to my dream of 24/9/2010 after which I woke and scrawled: "Along a winding coastal road in a late 70s car (a Charger?) Young woman's head and shoulders emerge from out of the road ahead. I have to be careful as, if she emerges fully and has no form below the ribs and waist [stop sniggering back there - Ed] she is a ghost." Despite that, apparently it was okay, she wasn't a ghost, but my memory doesn't record whether I stopped the car or just kept on driving!

The image in my head is as you see it above, so don't get any ideas about the nature of my dreams, okay? In fact, my little dream diary records no fewer than three Japanese folklore-themed nocturnal flights, including the above (which, according to Wikipedia might be called a teke teke or something), a dream about a creature with a dish-like head full of water called in my dream a 'Golle' (although in Japanese folklore it might properly be called a kappa), and finally the most cryptic of them: ""19/9/2010: I'm writing on creatures of Japanese folklore and find reference to a [fit?] I don't know the name of. Nearby creatures help out with cards and suffixes/tables for the purpose."

Clearly, I was going through 'A Phase'. Thanks for not asking what it all meant!


  1. I did immediately think Japanese when I saw the ghost, the car did also make me think Supernatural (the tv series).

  2. I'm sure I must have been thinking about Supernatural, too! The late 70s model kind of gives it away. but a Japanese ghost? Raven-haired, no visible face? Female? How could you possibly be thinking that? ;)