Monday, July 5, 2021

Monkey Business

 I'm posting again, but unless my reader is following every post as they're put up, seeing the new content might be a bit weird and all over the place; so this page will be something of a growing index to the entries that aren't naturally positioned around this here one. It might also provide an insight into ten years of Simian mental meanderings...

Posts so far:

2/7/21 : New Plymouth (11 November 2015)  - a photo essay

3/7/21 : Giving a Hoot (11 March 2018) - heirloom and restoration microproject

4/7/21 : Justice Denied (3 December 2017) - a film review.

5/7/21 : To Enhance Your Land Raiding Needs (7 March 2016) - another Adventure 2000 Matchbox toy

6/7/21 : A Pallet Bench (5 October 2020) - scrap wood furniture

7/7/21 : Drokktober 2019 begins - Days 1 through 15 of a (nearly) daily Judge Dredd doodle.

8/7/21 : Daddy's Little Heartbreaker (6 November 2016) - I make an RPG game! Nearly. Frequently. 

9/7/21 : My Zombie Weekend (11 June 2016) - a cautionary tale of viewing movies cold.

10/7/21 : A Box of (Past) Delights (8 January 2018) - a model childhood.

11/7/21: Drokktober 2019 returns - with Days 16 through 21

12/7/21 : Palindrome! Drokktober Days 22 to 26

13/7/21 : Drokktober 2019 forever - Day 27 through to Halloween and the end!
               Bonus post: What is the Future of the Future? - Manic Street Preachers review.

14/7/21 : The Midlands Cuckoos (6 March 2019) - Moore and Parkhouse's The Bojeffries Saga

15/7/21 : License Expired, Go Offshore (30 June 2018) - Bootlego!

16/7/21 : The Mirky Dozen: Wild and Woody (10 July 2015) - The Return of the Hobbit's elves

17/7/21 : Wonderful (25 June 2017) I hated Wonder Woman! Phshaw -yeah, right!

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Try July


Whoa-o here he comes...

Yeah, I'm thinking I'm back.

It's July, my birthmonth*, so I'm going to spend the next thirty-one days posting once a day on this blog and do some stuff. I have a few things planned this month: a birthday, and a D&D session on Zoom, so that'll fill a couple of days. Some home projects, too. School holidays need filling up, and some old entries the teeming masses have been left on tenterhooks about need to be addressed. Did I finish the J Grubb General Store model? What about the elves? Has my model painting improved at all? No. Are there more Dreddworld judges to mess up graphically Yes! Could I fit a gnome article in? Always. Did I see that Justice League movie? How dare you!

I will post past things, future things, backwards, forwards, sideways and out of sequence, as Jetsam has always been. Time is fluid, and I am, if nothing else on this blog, a big fibber.

Stick around, readers. This is either going to roar to a majestic conclusion or I'm gonna total this thing!

(*Today is also my mum's birthday. Happy birthday, Mum. I miss you)

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Blasters to Laser, Mr Solo!

 It's the Fourth of May - Star Warps Day again!

Incredible to think that it was only fifty years ago today that I stood queued outside the Oamaru Majestic Theatre to see Star Warps the Movie(tm) and its EXPLOSIVE end:

Star Warps
. It made me the man I am today. 

Friday, December 25, 2020

Hell's [Jingle] Bells

 2020 has been a rough year for the arts and entertainers. Albums delayed, tours put on hold, and we even lost a few to COVID-19, alas.

But amidst that bad news, some good. Albums have been worked on, musicians have still collaborated, new compositions created, and old projects dusted off. Case in point: AC/DC's new album Power Up, the second since the death of Malcolm Young. It's good - great, even - and something of a miracle in the circumstances; but this isn't a post about that album. Let's go back further.

Come with me to a time where the mullet was giving way to the all-round longhair of new metal and grunge, to AC/DC still at their second peak and the era of one of their greatest songs 'Thunderstruck'. It is 1990, and I am flatting and have my own band. I begrudgingly appreciated 'Thunderstruck', and nearly a lifetime later would eventually sing it myself. But this isn't a post about that song. It's another song off the same album, The Razor's Edge. This is 'Mistress for Christmas'

Now, lyrically there's not a lot of Yuletide marking here. Possibly the song came about from the titular rhyme. There are Jingle Bells in the opening (and I've made my opinion on that song known already) and some guff about descending smokestacks later on, but hey - just enjoy the thing! That's what it's for.

And let's have no more talk of 2020. Cheery Mistress, to one and all! 

Saturday, October 31, 2020

A Stack of Jacks

 Another Halloween, another carved pumpkin or two.

The pumpkin patch was a sorry thing this year, and the pumpkin ladder wasn't even put to use, so the ones here are shop jobs - a simply H-U-G-E one purchased for a birthday party on the same day by my sister-in-law, and a small buttercup squash for Jet Jr's use and design. Here they are:

Junior's brief was "like some of the stars in the sky", which is a noble endeavour. I, on the other hand, went for the minimalist approach, somewhat fearful of the enormous fruit and its elephantine hide. It's based on an oval; the non-pith part must have been 4cm thick. Oof!

Monday, October 5, 2020

A Pallet Bench*


Lo - another microproject embarked upon! And this one was finished!

This used to be a pallet, and now it's a seat. I did it all myself and I can't tell you how satisfying it was to turn a pile of scrap wood in not-entirely a great condition, into something that looked and felt rather nice to sit upon, and is now weathering away in the back garden. I made that! And all I needed to buy was enough screws to put it all together, and some wood stain to finish it off.  I think my hand saws are rather blunt now, though - but it got me using a circular saw given to me by the father-in-law too many years ago. He was pleased about that. 

It was slow work - I listened to a lot of podcasts all the while as I measured twice, cut once, and swore several times before taking the odd left turn to remedy some blunders. But there weren't many, and it was a lockdown project ticked off. Well done, me!

Plans were based on this one here (with some adaptation and NZ measuring), for those of you who wish to play at home. 

I think the next thing will be a different kind of bench - either a work one or a weights one. And, glancing at the back yard again - I can see a planter that might need replacing soon...

(*It's a legal joke. Yeah, and a bad one)

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Christmas is a Love Story

The kids these days - and by kids I also mean middle-aged nostalgonauts, have apparently taken to dubbing a certain Bruce Willis movie a 'Christmas Movie.' Fair enough - I can't argue, as to shout against all that would also be to shout against some other fine Yuletide romps, like Gremlins, Batman Returns - and even Shazam! has Santa in it. It's a movie about children, wishes, magic and families - of course it's a Christmas movie!

But similar things could be said for songs. We adopt songs for our times, and reinvent songs to fit our times. I was agog this week to discover, for example, that my chosen musical bete noir of Nativity-tide, the veritable dog in the manger if you will, said Jingle Bells - is many times not Christmas. It's a Thanksgiving song, apparently. But here we are. And sometimes songs slip into Christmas by intent, despite some ropey sentiment (cough!DoTheyKnowIt'sChristmascough!) and, in the following case, by timing and visuals.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood's The Power of Love, the third and greatest of the singles troika going by that name in 1985, is now 35 years old. Sweet Baby Jesus. Released in November of that year, it crept into the public consciousness and made FGtH's third consecutive number one from their debut album. Thematically, it's not Christian in focus or Christmas in theme, but I cant hear it without thinking of the Godley and Creme video and its multi-ethnic magi, imagining the lyrics to be the sentiments of a bewildered and bowlderised Joseph, who loves this girl, but like her is just being carried helplessly along by a greater tide. Back in its native home that video (not to mention single sleeve) did the job, almost, and it would have made the coveted Christmas Number One slot but for Sir Bob Geldof and chums. Never mind. Enjoy this at the close of another brutal year- the sweeping strings, lulling piano, children's cartoon bogeymen, and those vocals. Dampen down the inhumanity and misfortune that 2019 wrought, and hope for better things to come. Let yourself be beautiful, indeed.

I had a girlfriend once who thought this song was warbling drivel. Always knew she was a wrong'un.

"I always felt like 'The Power of Love' was the record that would save me in this life. There is a biblical aspect to its spirituality and passion; the fact that love is the only thing that matters in the end."
- Holly Johnson