Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Night Local: JeanPaul Sartre Experience, 'Flex' (1987)

A quick post because it's getting late. Here's another Friday night music and paint me blue and call me Sally if it's not another act from the legendary Flying Nun label.

This one's for Christchurch. The rebuild is finally starting and visibly underway, and the city's still feeling the pain of post-earthquake rumbles, floods and inftrastructure headaches. I can't fix any of those things, but what I do have, as the man say, is a very specific set of skills. I'm a NZ music nerd with a blog. That's it, really. But this video has so much more - Christchurch's lovely Port Hills with its rocks intact and where they used to be, and the music of some of its best sons, the weird, daggy, Southern humour of the Jean Paul Sartre Experience, and one of their best songs from their early years, the lumbering, lustful and louche Flex:


  1. I saw the JPS Experience as the pre-band before a Jenny Morris concert... wasn't impressed.

  2. In fairness, that's a very poor match of main act/support. I first saw JPSE at Orientation supporting Bailter Space. Now THAT was a good match!