Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Night Local: The Datsuns, Harmonic Generator (2002)

Richard O'Brien of Rocky Horror fame, Mastermind Jon Preddle of Doctor Who research fame, alleged comedian Jesse Mulligan of TVNZ fame... Hamilton, is there nothing you can't impress us with when it comes to the arts?

Certainly when it comes to 'New Garage', the city affectionately known as the Tron has it covered, for it is the birthplace of The Datsuns, and need I say more? No, I didn't think so.

Okay, so it's not Hamilton but Cambridge, but what's 24 kilometres down the Waikato River, eh?

The Datsuns' first album is a winner, and I know this because I own it, though I've never listened all the way through - a rainy day listen, maybe. It was a cheap purchase from the Oamaru Warehouse on a road trip down south. How do you make a lo-fi CD jacket even grungier and lower-fi? Why, lose the jacket and leave the CD in its case at quarter of the price - and so, a very cheap pleasure was made for me. But yes, three stonking singles and two of those have very cool videos to go with them. Now, MF from Hell really is my favourite, but for obvious reasons it doesn't get played in the Monkeyhouse very often, which is a shame as it would really rev up some winter workdays. However, if I can't have that song then the Wire-y Harmonic Generator is my next pick, so here it is.

Oh, one last piece of fact: this song gets namechecked in a Doctor Who Companion Chronicle (Eddie Robson's The Apocalypse Mirror) as a piece of TARDIS kit! I wonder if Jon knew that?

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