Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Night Local: The Verlaines, 'Anniversary' (1990)

As promised in my land of the Long White Sound week of Kiwi music videos, here's my first Friday night flick - and it's a Flying Nun act. Quelle surprise...

The Verlaines are a great Dunedin band. On some days I think they're the greatest ever Dunedin band - certainly, frontman and band engine Doctor Graeme Downes is nothing short of a genius; criminally talented and a classic in the mould of modest local frontmen without a skerrick of ego to them.

Back in the day a young Simian and his band (let's call them the Organ Grinders) supported The Verlaines at The Penguin Club, so yes, I have a stake in this choice of video. However, memory does not inform whether they played this song, from the understated 1990 album Some Disenchanted Evening on the night. Eh, I was too much in awe to remember the details. Here's one of my favourites from their too-impressive canon - Anniversary:

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