Sunday, August 8, 2010

Stuff I've Dug Out of my Garden

In the course of general gardening, weeding, clearing away vegetation from an imperiled deck, digging new plots, mowing lawn and building a low retaining wall (haarggh!) my backyard activities haven't half revealed some unusual objects unearthed from the loose soil. Our back lawn used to be flowerbeds and all elevated by about a foot of earth and clay, but was excavated by a previous owner to make a play area for her kids - and play they most definitely did. By the time we took possession ofthe property other subsequent owners had a go at reinventing the back section in a rather slip-shod way, really, meaning the detritus of numerous juvenile adventures lay in damp, anaerobic conditions waiting for my trowel, my line trimmer, my reliable pushmower.

Here's some of the crap that's come out of the ground since:

Quite the varied treasure trove we have here: some Star Wars stuff by way of a Happy Meal (I think), lollipop sticks, an Action Man flipper, Kinder Surprise disjecta membra, something I'm informed is a Yu-Gi-O, or Dragonball Z. And bits of stationery of course. Missing from the photo above is a rather careworn Thomas the Tank Engine helicopter (given to the kid of friends of ours before I could fix him up properly - thanks, dear), and a toy wagon/train wheel which has already made it into my 'bitz box'.

Ah yes, the Bitz Box. The amateur modeller's grab bag of off-cuts and model parts, ever ready to be enlisted for further modelling and kit-bashing. Mine is very modest indeed, but there's stuff shown here I have plans for and intend to use in some regard. Most of the other things will be binned, as any sane gardener would do. But I'm a believer in chance meetings and making lemonade while the sun shines, so again, some projects for later in here, maybe. In the mean-time, I think our back section is a little lighter for these having been removed. Doubtless in time there'll be a new crop of things being planted in there by little hands, and I will follow this by wonderng where my car keys got to, or something similar.

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