Thursday, April 9, 2015

Two Cars, One Night

A quick and dirty post tonight, I reckon.

Lately I've been hitting the charity shops, a habit I've picked up from Mrs Simian (whose thing is Crown Lynn earthenware but is open to all sorts of stuff), and one I share with Jamas. The hospice shop in town has been occasionally fruitful, uncovering small treasures both minor (some Fighting Fantasy rulebooks) and really cool (a MINT condition Moldvay-era Basic Dungeons and Dragons set with Erol Otus-illustrated box and plastic geo dice (crayon-ready, but sans crayon.)

It's also a good spot for kitbashing gear, namely old toys. From two expeditions I managed to grab these guys:

This is a 1903 Peugot made in 1969 by Lesney, one of the classic Matchbox manufacturers. Well, that's what the Internet tells me, but any Dr Who fan will be able to tell you what it could double as. Corgi were the original makers of the Third and Fourth Doctor's 'roadster' Bessie, and a few of these are still to be found online, particularly as replicas were released ten or so years back with a reissued DVD of The Three Doctors. Black Tree also made a version in white metal which is now out of stock and goes for crazy prices online. I don't have either, so this will do thankyou very much.

 It's in rather good condition, and were it not for the fact that these are not uncommon and go for much higher prices in immaculate condition with their old canvas tops and boxes, I'd baulk at drilling out the rivets, cutting out the back doors and windscreen, removing the spare tyre and back brackets and rearranging the lights and lamps. But don't convince me otherwise because I'm really happy with it and think it'll work out fine. A shame to paint over the brass, but there you go.

There's also this guy:

I thought this might have been a Happy Meal toy, and it was, but it was only when I spotted the Pixar name on the underside that I realised what - or rather who, I was looking at. What's up, Doc? Not a lot, because he's been much-loved by some kid. His crazy random-direction third wheel mechanism doesn't really work very well and his winder's lost its get up and go, but that's okay. The cardboard windscreen will go and some serious kitbashing will go on here. Doc may not ever resemble the 1952 Hudson Hornet he was based on again, but I think he'll look fine, if not a little mean and road-rashed. Oh yes, I have a very interesting future planned for this old boy...


  1. jawdrop at the Moldvay set. Wowsers.

  2. It's a beauty. You want to know the price they put on it?

  3. yes!

    (did it have the "Gateway to Adventure" insert? I have intense childhood memories of that thing, wish I still had a copy)

  4. It's still in my cupboard at work, so I checked it! Not QUITE mint condition, but certainly very good condition box-wise. Some of the dice are missing the black crayon filler - which is odd... no Gateway to Adventure, alas (I remember that well, Morgue, and used to pore over it myself!), but the Redbook is in top nick, as is the obligatory copy of Keep On the Borderlands.

    All for the princely sum of $3.00

  5. Yep.

    They've done better out of me since, I should add. But gosh was certainly the word on the day.

  6. Quelle surprise - Black Tree have 'found' stocks of Bessie in the corner of the warehouse they occasionally find things! Regardless, I think my old Lesney is a cheaper and better-made prospect.