Saturday, May 31, 2014

Land of the Long White Sound: day seven

Heyyy, it's the last day of May and the last day of NZ Music Month. If i was younger, hipper and had my wits about me then last night I could have gone downtown to catch The Phoenix Foundation sharing a bill with Disasteradio - that would have been very cool. However, I am not anything of the above (young, hip, or cool.)

Anyway, here's the last video of the series: another female artist, and one from the Twenty-tens just to show that I'm not as old and crusty as my previous nominations have indicated.  Perhaps I'm not pushing the boat out too far here as it's the theme music from a much-loved and missed local series, but here goes:

Thankyou, Ms Wigmore, that will be all.

...or will it?

The answer is no. For the next few months I'm going to be very busy on another illustration assignment (NOT Judges), meaning that regular updates on the blog will be a rarer thing. It also torpedoes my Mirky Dozen miniature project which was just getting a rather fine head of steam on it, but rest assured, come October-ish things will (hopefully) be back on track. In the mean-time, every Friday I'm going to post a local video as I've done this past week, for as long as I'm interested, really. All other business will be blogged as and when, but stay tuned anyway (even if it is for the Judges)

And wish me luck!


  1. Good luck, Sir. And if you can 'somehow, somewhere' find and post the video to Hammond Gamble's 1983 Telethon Song (you know the one), I'll stand your beverages from here till October...

  2. I'll do my best, boss! Gailing that, I could sing it for you? I bet Guanolad knows the lyrics too ;)