Thursday, May 29, 2014

Land of the Long White Sound: day five

Time to get with this century now, but only just. Rhian Sheehan's space-themed debut Paradigm Shift from 2001 has dated a bit now, but it's still lovely mellow stuff, and is borne of a (then) real high in the local music industry. It's not Flying Nun, nor is it a major label effort, but comes from Wellington's small but significant Loop imprint. Really, tracks like this could be on a Chillout compilation and would just class the place up amongst the panflutes and whale songs. Waiting is my favourite off the album, with guest spots from fellow Loop-ers Lotus, Tehi and Darren Mathiassen. The video is very cool, too - love the flax weaving on a different planet. Waiting
Oh so nice to work to. But tomorrow night's a Friday, so I fancy another Night Out in Wellington before we wrap up this little tiki tour...

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