Saturday, January 26, 2013

Stuff I Have Dug Out of My Garden the Sequel (Yes, I Know!)

Yep... The trouble with committing to a close-off point on anything - such as, say, blogging all of the domestic jetsam that becomes flotsam in your garden, is that of course there's never an end to it. I thought there would be - I was pretty much convinced I'd got there. Even when I found stuff later, I slipped some in between postings, pretending that a follow-up was neither necessary nor interesting. Anyway, months on, another garden revamp and tidy plus a holiday and look what turns up: My first ever button discovery! Not a fake find! TWO plastic animals, both of whom were overlooked during excavation but were discovered by accident on separate occasions when the bucket of topsoil had dried and resolved itself - I kid you not. More dead clothes pegs. Oh well.

There's also a strange yellow daisy wheel thing in the top left hand corner, which surely must be related to the one found on a previous dig. God knows what they are, but now I've got two of the things.

Oh, also that white-ish pebble in the bottom left corner?

Turns out it glows in the dark.

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