Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Oaken's Twelve: Oin Groinson

Time to introduce Oin, older brother of Gloin and uncle to The Lord of the Rings' Gimli.

Like Gloin, we don't have much to go on in the original text to describe Oin; there's the description above of course, plus his 'brown' hood and tinderbox, which I've made from green stuff as I did with Gloin, customising it with a Dwarf "O" rune. In fact, this is the second attempt at a tinderbox for Oin, as the first stuck out a little too far. Oin too is an expert firestarter, of course, and once again this sculpt was chosen for the space it affords the addition of a tinderbox. Aside from the tinderbox and evening out the neckpiece of Oin's hood, there's been no great change to the original sculpt this time.

As with Gloin there's been no attempt on my part to make Oin resemble the movie's Gimli who, for all we know, inherited his mother's features and lustrous beard. The two brothers quarrel in the book - nothing major, in fact many of the Dwarf siblings in The Hobbit are at loggerheads during the story and in times of stress. Oin is also the third and last member of Thorin's Company to have journeyed to Moria to reclaim its halls and paid dearly for the attempt. That said, however, I do find it curious both in The Fellowship of the Ring and in the movie adaptation thereof, that Gimli instantly expresses his shock and sorrow at the fall of Balin and the failure of his mission, but not the death of his uncle Oin at the many limbs of the Water in the Water, a sorry end related in the Book of Marzabul. The answer might be found in another - crucial, nephew-uncle relationship from the Company, which I'll come to soon.

Paint-wise I've also made some recent revisions to Oin's colour scheme. Given that he's the older son of Groin* I've aged him a little with some whitening of the beard and hair, and a lighter brown to his outer cloak. The cloak inner and red areas reference Oin's firemaking skills, as does his brother's red inner clothing. And that's about it, really.

*You really need an accent function to properly render Dwarf names here - suffice it to say, Groin isn't pronounced as at appears, and is probably closer to Grow-in.

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