Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This, That and the Otter

Last posting on Albert for a while, promise.

Anyway, the book is out and sales are pretty good. At the moment supply is chasing demand, so that's promising too. Oh, and the coverage!

David's blog Southerly kicked things off on Public Address and conversation was plentiful and really positive, even if it eventually turned into a linguistic discussion free of otters. This sort of stuff happens on PA, and that's cool.

A week or so later there was a nice piece in The Press, largely about the author but with some good reproductions of the book's artwork. I'm sure I must have been reading Phillip Matthews' stuff for nearly twenty years now and have dug it for just as long. He can carry on saying nice things about us, frankly!

Then Morgue sent me this hat-tip courtesy of the VUW Psyc department newsletter. Whoah. Didn't see that coming. Nice to see we're in good company.

And finally and most recently, we made Steve Braunias' 'Best Of 2010' column over the weekend in the Sunday Star Times supplement. Unexpected, unsolicited, and very cool, from another writer I could just read and read again.

Result. For any readers out there who've contacted me about copies, hang tight, they're on their way. In the mean-time, I'm crossing my fingers and sharpening my pencil for the next project.

Otter and out!

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  1. Peter, I think it is absolutely brilliant that you're receiving such widespread and positive mainstream recognition as an illustrator. I've known you were damn good at this stuff for a long of course. Ever since I first published your artwork (and kept asking for more) in TSV. I sincerely hope that this is the springboard for you to a long and successful career as a book illustrator.