Monday, November 1, 2010

Whole Otter Love

Hooray! The Hidden Talent of Albert Otter has now sold out of its limited first edition! This is good news, but there's more to come as a couple of other translations are now completed and a launch of the second print run is imminent.

To mark the occasion, a couple of out-takes (ott-takes?):

Albert as a line-art profile for the front endpapers.

A smaller illustration not intended for publication.

Copies are still available for pre-order through Public Address Books


  1. Arrrggghhhhh! Spoilers ;)

  2. It can't be a spoiler if it never happened in the book, er, 'game'...!

  3. the other dave, dave dammit, curse you fingers...01 November, 2010 21:43

    ??? Um yeah, not sure what happened there? (no even close on the keyboard...


    Soo, anyway - the book doesn't close with "The Otter" running up a beach being chase by weather balloons then....

  4. I reckon that bottom pic is from overhead. Albert is "rescuing Timmy from the well," or at least dragging him/her to safety after falling through the ice.

    Such is my sharp-eyed analysis of quite an enigmatic image.

  5. Naughty Dave - forever seeing patterns that aren't there!

    At least no-one thinks it's someone flinging a mustelid during a full moon :/

  6. Arrived today safe and well, and tested it out on Child #1. Opperation concluded sucessfully... except for the bit where she thought he was a fish...