Saturday, September 12, 2015

Rolling around inside my own head

It's all change again in the Simian household as this monkey is once again donning his big boy pants on weekday mornings and slaving over a hot laptop in a typical inner city office. However, leading up to this week, and even during, the mind has wandered in non-work hours, and as nature demands, that abhorrent void has been filled - with visions of tumbling polyhedral dice.

This blog bears witness that I am not a regular roleplayer, and my life has most certainly been busier, more varied, and generally better for it. But it remains an itch that occasionally demands scratching over the years, or it manifests in weird, dead-ended, compulsive ways: podcast hunting, doodling, module downloading, idle listing of past player characters and wonderings what-if. Last week I bought a second-hand Deities & Demigods specifically for the Erol Otus cover, and sought out my 'old' (ten years old - tops) poly dice and encouraged Jet Jr to use them in his maths games for school. I'm currenty musing on posting a crowd-sourced therapy call-out under the title of 'Schroedinger's Thief' (apologies to those of you who know what/whom I'm talking about.) For that reason, the next few posts might actually involve some of these subjects, but to cut some to the chase and not clog up wordspace, here are some of my recent online RPG finds:

1. One of my new favourite podcasts, SaveOrDie, which is strictly OSR/BD&D oriented, with dashes of Cook/Moldvay and Mentzer in focus, and more than a dash of Gygax invoked. And now I know how to pronounce "Gygax".

2. From episode 111 of the same podcast, one of my favourite RPG-related songs: Mikey Mason's  Best Game Ever. Because we've all been there. I know I was.

3.  There are many many great figure paintings based on classic D&D out there, but Lead Adventures' Witchtown thread has to be the best I've seen yet.

4. Monster Manual Sewn From Pants is a blog that not only documents what it says on the tin, but is chock-filled with great ideas. Come for the button-eyed Beholder if you must, but stay to take in the mad creativity. The Werebear is ADORABLE.

5. Kobolds were never retconned into little dragon men somewhere in the 90s. That's a lie - they evolved into pangolins.

Coming soon: a long-overdue Legends of RPG Art post.

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