Saturday, August 8, 2015

Thunderchild 1: Totally Tubular

Thunderbirds is big in the Monkeyhouse these days; both versions, and mostly with Jet Jr, who has a small version of his favourite International Rescue vehicle, plus a not-to-scale Scott Tracy to loom over it threateningly. Recently a Glad Wrap tube was co-opted into playing the part of a slightly larger Thunderbird 1,so in a foolhardy fit of paternal involvement I suggested we work together on a pimp-up project.
Plans were drawn, coloured in, internets consulted and dismissed, and measuring was done and everything. I'd like to say it took a few hours, but I can't. I can't even say it took a couple of weekends! Nevertheless, a month or so on of stolen moments between Real Life Distractions, we got the job done.
Apart from some replacement paints, nothing was purchased in the making of this model, and aside from some printed lettering (done by Jet Jr's Mum to hurry things along - not unlike other more pressing projects) everything was done by hand. Cardboard tubes, tape, PVA glue, acrylic paint and some Mod Podge and muttered swears to seal the deal. Most of the model is double-thickness card - including the nose cone which spent an hour or so wedged on a broomstick tip to hold its shape. And it has some heft!

And yes, a request has been put in for a follow-up!


  1. A beaut! Not to be flown on rainy days though. FAB

  2. You've done Derek Meddings proud! I'm looking forward to seeing your Thunderbird 2 next...

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  4. Like the Tracy Island on Blue Peter!

    (pretending I ever watched Blue Peter instead of Spot On)

  5. Well done that Dad! I see an egg carton forming the base for the modern "Bulkier" T2, though the skill learnt here would be in good stead for 3 as well. C'mon Sir Pete (not Adamson) - now we need a good Thunderbird S story...
    David R

  6. Great job! You even remembered my initials on the bottom wings. So thoughtful... ;-)