Thursday, August 21, 2014

As Pod is my witness...

These days I seem to produce little on this blog but quick notes, so in keeping, here's proof that my life has been a little bit busy and somewhat unexpected, as this week I appear to have accidentally become part of a podcast - to whit, Zeus Pod, the latest incarnation of what co-creator Jono Park has called 'The Zeus Plug Empire'. Yes, what started as a mild curiosity in a Vulcan Lane cafe in 2005 turned into an A6 pubzine in 2006 (the aforementioned Zeus Plug, alongside Phantasmodea's creator Al), and then a blog (Zeus Blog) towards the end of that year and now an actual downloadable audio thing.

Oh, and if you don't know the significance of the title, then Zeus Pod is a Doctor Who-themed podcast named after a fanzine (Zeus Plug) named after an obscure piece of TARDIS tech.

Here's the first podcast

And now back to the blog...

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