Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lead Time Lords: The Eleventh Doctor

Matt Smith, we hardly knew ye. Well, so it would seem with the number of variant lookee-likees going around at one stage. Heresy began with their Nerdlord, and followed it up with a second pose, while Crooked Dice produced their own Tweedy Mattinson, followed by some variant heads (one bearded, one be-stetsoned, one fezzed-up) AND THEN, after Smith changed his wardrobe dramatically last year to a grey and mulberry palette, CD brought out a bespectacled version. I haven’t seen too many of those painted up, and wonder how it’s sold?

My figure here is the original, and is by no means the most accurate (I couldn’t say which one is, to be honest), but seems to capture adroitly the early days of Smith’s reign, somewhere between the first DWM photocall (hence the pose and hair style), the costume unveiling, and his actual performance which, if anything, really galvanised the character of the Eleventh Doctor. I swear you could actually see poses and sculpts being adjusted in keeping after his first few stories. Nevertheless, this is my Eleventh Doctor, and I’m happy with the figure as is. Smith’s first year is my favourite of his, so it’s no contest.

What can I say about this figure? Trousers are black and grey with a blue wash over the top; I had a go at the Harris tweed of the jacket, but your mileage may vary, his bowtie is red which means (I think) he’s in the past according to once-popular fan theories (it’s blue for the future, apparently), and the most-welcome ‘pop’ of green from his increasingly multi-functioning sonic. Oh just give it its own series, why don’t you?

With the ‘modern’ sculpts and the Eleventh Doctor done we’ve nowhere to go but back to my notable omissions: the dreaded Eighties Hiatus Doctors!

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