Monday, August 19, 2013

Richter rictus

As reported for a while over the weekend, Wellington had some more nasty jolts recently, most notably a 6.6 which effectively emptied the inner city from mid-afternoon on Friday. It was a surreal experience, once the initial dread dissipated and the practicalities of (having looked down nineteen stories to a slowly filling main street below) leaving a wobbling building safely, let alone getting home. Jamas reports on his blog that his upping sticks was a more immediate affair - and given the location of his workplace, that's quite understandable. Mine might well have been similar but for some real indecision among the staff on the floor - it really highlights the fact that, plan or not, most plans are moot unless you really know what you're dealing with.

In the event, however, Wellington got off lucky again - second time lucky, in fact. That makes for scary odds, but it was a learning experience, and my workplace is becoming more prepared as a result. Plus, I now know that a walk to Wadestown from my office takes roughly three-quarters of an hour under favourable conditions (at least the weather was nice). Traffic was a nightmare though - no trains, no buses to speak of, and gridlock along the only exit north from town, plus southbound into the CBD as concerned loved ones drove in to pick up the stranded and contribute to the exodus.

This quake was a rougher one, with a real roll that lasted well after the shaking proper (our tower block was like a ship at sea, disturbing creaks included), and it's genuinely surprising how loud one's heartbeat can get in actual situations of near peril. That said, things are worse in Seddon, although, mercifully, with no casualties once more.

We had aftershocks through the weekend and today - around the late fours to mid-fives; hopefully that will do us for a while again. On the whole I can't say I enjoy the Russian Roulette feeling of going into work each day right now.

Oh, and seeing as it's war and that Jamas has return-blogged, here's another oldie from me:

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