Saturday, February 4, 2012

Oaken's Twelve: Meet the Candidates!

Just in case anyone (you know who you are) was wondering, my attempts to realise the Dwarves of The Hobbit in 25mm plastic haven't been entirely abandoned! In fact, likely candidates were identified and plans made. They just need to be executed...

But in the interests of science, here's the earlier mugshot of Games Workshops' "Dwarf Rangers" and how they panned out as the future Company of Thorin Oakenshield:
And just to explain things further, the notes I made for each character are below. I made these whilst re-reading the book for key character points and identifiers, the Lord of the Rings appendices, and consulting a few reference guide along the way, observing the work of others (the "Lee" mentioned is Alan Lee, Hobbit illustrator and movie designer)

Right. That's done, now to find the time to put it all into action!


  1. I hope you've got enough grey for Dain Ironfoot:

  2. I think you may mean white, sir! he's approaching the Full Santa these days, but who knows how they'll go in the movie?