Thursday, September 15, 2011

More Stuff Keeps Coming Out of My Garden

I swear that for as long as blood runs in my veins, I will garden. And for as long as I garden, it seems our topsoil will throw up ever more curious objects for my bemusement. Suburban archaeology – it’s the unravelling of a cardigan of past owners and residents, perchance to find the occasional button. No buttons this time, or yet indeed, but quite a bit of plumbing stuff from around the kickboards of the house, some terracotta and more ceramic discards (probably an old pipe or flower pot), a vintage Pepsi bottle cap circa late-1980s (when did Pespi arrive in NZ I wonder? 1987 or thereabouts?), a heart-shaped eraser long since perished to uselessness, and clothes pegs, lots of clothes pegs. I am rather taken by the Deco-like plastic thingy which incorporates some screws and brass strip on the reverse (a light housing, perhaps for a fluoro tube?) though, but in conclusion, not much here for the Bitz Box - but a bit more root space for our transforming garden.

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