Saturday, January 22, 2011

Short - and Sweet!

Being a busy working primate dad I find free time an elusive, slippery sort of banana to lay my hands on. Perhaps I’ve overextended that metaphor – you get the drift, I hope. As Jet Junior grows and moves with the speed of a very fast thing I’ve recently begun to entertain the notion that he might actually be Eating Time. Have we spawned a Chronovore? Was there a mix-up at the hospital?

Projects have been tentatively promised, set aside and some abandoned as a monkey’s errand. I miss a lot of my favourite shows, blessed be our hard drive DVD. But there’s some solace for me in the form of Ferndale's blog over on Throng, which provides succinct, witty, snarky and up to date recaps of The Nation’s Pulse, Shortland Street.

Sample analysis:
"I don't want to over-intellectualise things here - this is Shortland Street, let's not forget - but I'm starting to think Bella basically acts as a Shakespearean fool on the show. Basically she acts like this total dipshit, with weird occasional undertones of meta-commentary on the inherent ludicrousness of everything else that's going on. Maybe."

I may never have to watch the show again! Jet Jr can be bathed at a leisurely pace! On the other hand, having the luxury of being able to follow the show over dates beyond the reach of TVNZ’s On Demand gizbot does mean I must also face up to the crushing disappointment of missing the series’ first ever Zombie episode from just before last year's cliffhanger. Nooo! I missed Christmas Zombie Tracey!

Still, stuff like that’s bound to be out there on the webs somewhere. They wouldn’t throw away TV gold like that.


  1. The Tellitubby Chronometic Evaporation theory is quite plainly set out in the manual you would've got with mini-Jet... you did read the manual didn't you? It's on page 5,678,251 or thereabouts... not quite sure as I haven't had a chance to read it either, because I too have kids (should it be I two? and if one of the two kids is two does that make it I five - never got to grips with the Pigglematic Quadrophonic Escalation Factor...)

  2. Oddly enough google "Christmas Zombie Tracey" and this comes up: