Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Corellian Job

More than likely this is everywhere at the moment, and thanks to Dave for sharing it with me, but if you haven't already, you must check this out:

It's an animated Star Wars that is true to the originals! The colour palette, the sounds, the music and even the dialogue just sing Seventies Star Wars - and it's a beautiful thing.

I'm not a big Star Wars fan. I'm really not. But aged seven it was the biggest thing in my world, and even this many years later I can see and hear the in-jokes and visual references to the original trilogy and in particular the first movie here. It's not overdone, no-one's trying to push an agenda (the last shot is a bit of fun, and why the hell not?), and you can see how easy it would have been to have taken all the talent here and ruined it by going too far, too fannish. But they didn't, and that's really cool.

Lando has to appear in the next one though, guys!


  1. You want Lando?


  2. But of course! I've seen that a couple of times now thanks to Morgue and watched the mockumentary too - they did a great job :)

    As a much bigger SW fan than me and an animator, what are your thoughts Senor Guano?

  3. I agree with your analysis. Most fanfilms, when I was in amidst the madness of making them, tended to be about Jedi Knights in a forest, despite the expanded universe of Star Wars being so rich with different walks of life, and with room for more to be created. It's great to see that this had nothing at all to do with Jedi, and dealt with a character generally loved, but strangely ignored by most fanfilm makers, and was set before the main series.

    It nailed the characterisation of both Han and Chewie pitch perfectly, in performance and design, the comedy is just at the right level, and even the cinematography feels right, though more aligning to the animated Clone Wars series.

    Impressive achievement on every level.