Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Changing Face of the Dalek Cake

The despotic and brilliantly twisted scientist Davros spent decades developing the survival vehicle of the mutant Kaled creature to transform it into a ruthless universal killing machine. My good wife took just a couple of birthdays.

Behold: the Mark IV Travelling Cake on 27/7/95:

And its descendant on 24/7/10:


  1. Oh man, how could you bear to cut into that?

    What flavour dalek was it? :)

  2. I cannot lie, Tim, it was a wrench to take a knife to his lovely bonded polycarbide and butter icing outer shell. But it was well worth it. I was told it was the best tasting Dalek ever!

    He was chocolate with Malteser bumps and licorice trim, mint stick neck slats and plunger, marshmallow eyestalk discs. He got a late addition of candles as his headlights upon presentation.

    Next year I want a Cyberman one!

  3. What about an Ice Warrior? ;)

  4. I had a TARDIS cake for me 21st...

    Happy Birthday, by the way!